Making a difference locally and globally

Founded in 2008, the misterBlake foundation is a private philanthropic endeavour dedicated to improving the quality of life for those that, through no fault of their own, find themselves facing adversity and struggles. In addition the foundation gives generously to various animal charities to help care for all creatures great and small.


MARCH 2021: When the news came in that the BCSPCA had rescued 119 dogs from a property near Fort Nelson in northern BC, the misterBlake foundation stepped in and donated $14,000 to help with the care of the dogs. Click here if you would like to personally donate to the dogs' welfare. Link to the story here

MARCH 2021: The foundation recently donated $5,000 to the Jack Russell Network Canada. The group rescues dogs of all breeds from the US kill shelters and has recently started rescuing dogs from South Korea. If you would like to donate to JRNC, click here.

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